Core Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs and Values:

Our Core Beliefs and Core Values are grounded in the Gospel:

The Gospel

-The Gospel is the good news of God saving people from their sin by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit regenerates them.

God is Central: The Gospel is Primarily About God

-The Gospel does no less than gain us God. The very word gospel means “good news;” which is not merely a place to go after we die that is void of sickness, suffering or tears. The good news is that we can be made right with God, meeting our deepest need imaginable. The Gospel is about God first, as He glorifies Himself through the giving of His Son for our sin. (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)

Man is Dependent: The Gospel Shows Our Need for a Savior.

-According to the faithful revelation of Scripture, man, while capable of good deeds and kind words, is utterly helpless in the avenue of making himself right before God. The Gospel reveals that without the intervention of Christ on our behalf, mankind is completely separated from God and cannot on his own good deeds or right living reconcile himself to God. Through Christ, man is moved from object of wrath to object of love, from alienation from God to adoption by God, and from death to life. (Ephesians 1:12-15, 2:1-10)

For more information on our Core Beliefs and our Core Values click on the links provided below to download or read a pdf file with detailed descriptions of our beliefs and values.

SCC Core Beliefs

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