Knowing Jesus

Our whole goal here at Southway is for people to Gospel-Driven, Ever-Growing, Followers of Jesus Christ. In order to be driven by the Gospel, we have to be rescued by the Gospel. If you have any questions about Jesus Christ, or how you can know Him please contact us via email or phone. Also, please visit

A primary means of growth for any Christian and learning more about Jesus is by reading the Bible. However, it can be hard in both establishing an new habit and scary in beginning to read the Bible. Where does one start? How long should one read? To help out, we have linked a number of different Bible reading plans for you to explore. For those plans with a specific Bible translation, you can use any legitimate translation you own, not just the one in the site.

Also, Southway is glad to offer you a free Bible for your electronic device. Get your free Bible by clicking HERE.

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