Purpose and Mission


Our reason for our existance is to glorify God. We exist to show His greatness to our world. In other words, we exist so that others may see and feel and love the glory of our Creator. Implied in our purpose is a point that has grown in momentum over the last decade, a point that states: It’s not about us!


Southway exists to help people be Gospel Driven, Ever Growing, Followers of Jesus Christ. Our church community strives for deep family relationships that reflect a Christ-centered culture of grace and growth.

Everything that we do flows from us to other Christians, to our community, and to the world in which we live. It’s all about PEOPLE! Through ministries for children, teens, and adults of all ages, Southway is connecting with God and one another in life-changing ways.

Every Sunday at 8:30 and 11AM
14011 South Freeway
Houston, TX 77047